SONY LA-EA2 ADAPTER REVIEW | Using A-mount lenses on NEX Cameras


As I said in the video, I really wanted a more sophisticated auto-focusing on my Sony NEX cameras and in theory Sony LA-EA2 adapter was suppose to give this feature by adding phase detection auto-focusing to my 5N and FS100, which is much more sophisticated auto-focusing system than standard contrast-detection auto-focusing on my 5N and FS100. Here is a video that explains Phase-detection better that I possibly could and another great video showing the use of phase-detection auto-focusing with Sony FS700.  While LA-EA2 does add phase-detection to my NEX cameras it does so with so many limitations that I can’t justify the cost of the adapter itself and the lenses I have to buy just to get that auto-focusing feature. I can get loads of great vintage lenses for the money I’ve spent on LA-EA2 and a set of lenses for it (even though the Minolta lenses I bought are already much cheaper than the current Sony line up).

If you on other hand already shoot with both Alpha and NEX cameras, and have some Alpha lenses that you would like to use on your NEX camera, then maybe this adapter is worth the money for you.

Also if you are into filming sports, action, wildlife videos which demand fast and precise focusing, LA-EA2 will make you life much easier, although only you know what exactly you want to focus on. That’s why manual focusing is better is much better in most cases, expect when you really need it as mentioned above.

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  1. Minolta 70-210 f4 seems very nice . I do not know how auto-focus is going to behave ? Any samples ?
    There is another lens I consider sony 70-300 G . This one should be quiet ( auto-focus ) . Any advise ?
    Did you try any of them

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