It’s not something that I ever like to ask for, but VLFV needs your help!

VLFV is my passion project! However, like any online project it has its general costs (domain, hosting, etc), specific costs (acquiring specific lenses for specific reviews, comparisons, guides) and then there is the biggest cost, time. I love spending my time on VLFV, but more time I’ve spent on VLFV less time I have to actually earn money to pay the bills, so at some point, I just had to go back to dedicating more time to what pays the actual bills.

However, building the VLFV into a large database of useful and inspirational vintage lens content is my dream and something I would love to do full time, so over the past 6 years, I’ve been trying to make VLFV work at no cost to its visitors, without compromising its integrity and honesty!

So, if find VLFV to be a useful resource, here are the ways to support the future content!


Early on a joined the eBay Partnership Program, which allows me to receive a small percentage from any purchase you make via one of the eBay links you will find on the website. Additionally if you want to buy anything else on eBay, please bookmark and use this link when buying anything else on and this link if you shop on This way you will not be spending a penny more while helping VLFV!


eBay is an excellent win-win formula, but in 6 years it hasn’t allowed me to dedicate significant time to VLFV., so in 2017 I created my own my Patreon page to see if it can make a difference. This platform was created to support content creators just like myself, so it was a perfect next step forward. There are various perks and rewards to be enjoyed by anyone who decides to support VLFV, so if you are a hard-core vintage lens user, this option might be for you.


A lot of people, however, asked if they could do a one-time donation instead, so if you would prefer that, you can do that here.


Cryptocurrency is everywhere you look and seems to be the future, so I decided to future-proof VLFV too with this latest technology. If you would like to support VLFV via a crypto donation, you will find a few options below.

  • Bitcoin: 3MHCAPf8Bw7caP4TkDKm4KiC1Bq8Y2jQMa
  • Litecoin: 0x54C97d95C59D849380cFFf480BC9BaF2E9caCE92
  • Ethereum: MRxvtUh3rpgkzFqHYCVmFULVEWgnTeXVTG


Honesty and integrity are paramount to VLFV, which is why I’ve been avoiding sponsorships for so long, but in June 2018 a few great companies that I already know and respect offered to sponsor VLFV.  It’s important to stress that I will only ever accept sponsorships from companies that are relevant to this website and these two companies fit the bill perfectly, which is why I agreed as it will not change your experience in any way. In fact, such partnerships will help me dedicate more time to VLFV and create more useful content, so if anything your experience will only get better. So here are these great companies:

SIMMOD LENS specializes in modifying vintage photo lenses for use on new mirrorless and motion picture cameras, which includes everything, from 80mm front rings, caps to follow focus gears, mounts and de-clicking. Created by an award-winning cinematographer, Ron Sim CSC, whose passion for perfection and dedication to the craft goes well beyond the bright lights and big sets of commercial productions. Much like cinematography, creating the SIMMOD System ™ began as a hobby while fidgeting in his man-cave in between shoot days. As an avid collector of vintage lenses, there was no shortage of lenses to choose from when sourcing the right glass to learn on. Through the years, what started as an experiment to convert an old Leica still lens for cinema use became a sustainable passion. To date, Ron has converted thousands of vintage lenses for aspiring and veteran DP’s the world over. is at the leading edge of fabricating the most accurate, affordable, and high quality follow focus gear on the market. They specialize in using innovative technology to quickly produce or modify highly customized cine gears allowing you to convert any still lens to a cine lens. Each cine gear is designed for a specific lens with the characteristics of that lens in mind during the entire design phase for absolute perfection. They fit perfectly right out of the box without the need for clamps, screws, or fasteners on other focus gears. This allows the use of 360º of the gear. Simply press them on by hand to install/remove. Gears are 0.8 Module (32 Pitch) and will mesh perfectly with your current FF. The gears can be left on the lens permanently or removed for use in still photography. All gears are made in and shipped from the U.S. If you are unhappy with your new Seamless Follow Focus gear for any reason, send it back for a full refund, exchange, or free modification.

Ron (Simmodlens) and Sean (FollowFocusGears) have a solid reputation for their friendly and helpful approach to doing business and these are the kind of companies VLFV will always parner with!

If you represent a company that is relevant to VLFV and would also like to sponsor this website and creation of the future content, please get in touch.


Lastly if none of the options above work for you, there is still a way to help by spreading the word, so if you enjoyed a particular post, please share it with your friends and followers on social media, blogs and in real life. Thank you!