VLFV on PATREON | Help me make a DIFFERENCE!

VLFV on PATREON | Help me make a DIFFERENCE!

In this day and age of internet, useful content is everywhere and most of it is free for all of us to enjoy. I like the free content as much as any other guy, which is why I’ve never asked for any monetary support related to the content I create myself.

I realize that this post will not be interesting to many and it might even annoy some of you, because I’m finally asking for your help and I’m sure not all of you can or want to support the content that was free up to this point. Make no mistake, all the content on VLFV will always be free for everyone to enjoy. Even if I get no support, I will still make new reviews, lens guides, comparisons as often as I can and will keep giving away vintage lenses when I can, but I want to do even more reviews/giveaways, which is only possible with your help!

If you enjoy VLFV, please spare a few minutes to check out my Patreon page to see what it’s all about and how you can make a difference! I came up with some rewards for people who decide to support VLFV in such direct way, so please have a look at my page to see if it could add value to you as well!


If my Patreon is of no interest to you, then check out this post for something much more exciting, which might actually also give you a better idea why I think Patreon can make a difference to VLFV and our whole community!

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