MIRANDA 28mm f/2.8 Test & Review

MIRANDA 28mm f/2.8 Test & Review

Here is a quick little test video and a review of Miranda 28mm lens by Michelangelo Girardi. This is what Michelangelo had to say about the lens:

Since before I switched to my t3i I was the happy owner of a Pentax DSLR (loved it) I kept some of my old lenses in order to use them on my new Canon camera thanks to a cheap adapter I got from ebay.

This morning a new lens came through the post from ebay. It’s a Miranda 28mm 1:2.8 prime lens. For those out there that are using a smaller sensor camera like the t2i, t3i, 7D, 60D etc a 28mm lens will give a result of a 50mm on a full frame body.

I bought it from Mike366 – http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/mike366/&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2754 The lens its in excellent condition so I encourage you to buy from this guy.

Took it out for a test in my backyard. I’m impressed about the result… are you?

Certainly great results for the lens costing under $30/£20. That is what vintage lenses are all about: great value for money, this little Miranda lens is just yet another example of that.


Click to find this lens on Ebay
Click to find this lens on Ebay

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  1. If you had to chose between a Pentax, Miranda, Tamron or Vivitar 28mm (all at 2.8) what would you take? Struggling to find test videos on some of them…

  2. I owned a Maranda camera in Viet-Nam and shot photos there. These lenses outperform Nikon in the photo lab under extreme magnification. The sharpest 50mm lens they ever produced was not the 50mm F1.4 nor the 50mm F1.8; but, the 50mm F1.9. It was sold on the first generation of cameras and made the Nikon 105mm at it’s sharpest look fuzzy. It would be interesting if you could do a review on this Lens. Thanks…

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