SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Helios 44-2 VLFV Cine Edition | Rehoused by IronGlass

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Helios 44-2 VLFV Cine Edition | Rehoused by IronGlass

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Helios 44-2 58mm F2 is a legendary lens, but it just got even better!

Welcome the new Helios 44-2 VLFV Cine Edition, proficiently rehoused by IronGlass!


Our main goal with was to bring out the best in this lens but addressing the mechanical quirks and limitations of the original body that make it unsuitable for professional, high-pressure work environments where everything must perform at 100%.

By creating new housing for this much-loved lens, we’ve improved its usability for video production considerably. You’ll no longer have to deal with the confusing preset aperture control, unreliable M42 screw mount and its wobbly body. Instead, we now have a rugged, well designed and carefully assembled body that provides plenty of useful features, like integrated follow focus gears, permanent PL or EF mount, expanded focus distance markings, which can now be made imperial as well as metric, plus many more that you can learn about below.

Features and improvements:

  • Legendary Soviet Optics with German Carl Zeiss DNA
  • Unique optical characteristics: Swirly Bokeh, Dreamy Flares, Low Contrast Vintage Look
  • New, re-designed rugged construction
  • Permanent PL or EF conversion
  • Ability to add internal colour and “anamorfake” modifications
  • 95mm OD front for easy compatibility with clip-on matte boxes
  • 92mm front  filter thread
  • Fluid / Click-less Aperture Adjustment with correct markings
  • Relocated focus ring for better mount clearance and follow focus compatibility
  • Expanded focus distance markings scale
  • Imperial lens marking option available
  • Geared aperture and focus rings
  • Full Frame FF + VV Sensor Coverage

Not a one-off lens:

Helios 44-2 VLFV Cine Edition though is not just a one-off lens project. It’s a first step in the development of the full rehoused Soviet lens set. This lens marks a first step in the development of a full rehoused Soviet lens set. This 58mm will soon be joined by a 37mm and 85mm, followed by the 20mm, 28mm and 135mm, covering just about any focal length you might need, allowing to use these lenses on full projects.


The price for this first lens is $950. Some might think it’s a lot and some will think it’s a bargain. Both can be right as it depends on your needs. What’s important to understand though is that while Helios 44-2 is an inexpensive lens, it’s the rehousing itself what you really pay for (consider the optics to be a free bonus) and if you are familiar with the lens rehousings, you’ll know that they generally cost much more. While we don’t claim this 1st edition to be at the same level as the $3-4k per lens rehousings, it’s still a massive step up from the original body and mechanics. If you really want and need a professional production-ready Helios 44-2, then this price is well worth paying.

We’ve already sold out the first “October” batch, so I guess enough people like this idea, but you can still order one of the 20 lenses from the second “November” batch. A lot of people missed out on the 20 x 20% discount offer, so we extended the 20% discount offer to the 20 VLFV customers ordering one of the 20 lenses in the “November” batch, with the aim to deliver second 20 lenses by the end of November. All you need to do is use a discount code VLFV20 at the checkout. Even better, you will get 10% off all your future Cine Edition lens purchases.

You can pre-order it now on IronGlassAdapters.com

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