Canon 18-108mm F1.6 C-Mount for BMPCC

Canon 18-108mm F1.6 C-Mount for BMPCC

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera & Canon 18-108mm C Mount Lens from GanEdenVideo on Vimeo.

The Blackmagic Pocket Camera fever continuous with yet another C-mount lens test, so if you are not into BMPCC you might want to skip this one.

While doing one of my usual ebay bargain searches a few days ago I came across an impressive Canon 18-108mm F1.6 C-mount Zoom and as usual I went searching for any info on this lens. I was very lucky to come across the video above which shows how this lens performs on the actual pocket cam.

The video was shot Lee M. Mullen who is a bigger fan of C-mount lenses that will probably ever be and I’m sure knows about them much more than me too.

Canon 18-108mm

Here is what Lee has to say about this lens:

It’s a great Super16 lens that is built like a tank. It is heavy (around1.5kg) and does require some kind of lens support using 15mm rods or the Manfrotto 293 support rig. At all focal lengths, it covers a S16 sensor. It is also parfocal and allows backfocus adjustment. It is reasonably sharp. Can be used on the GH3 with minor vignetting also.

Well, no wonder the lens I found on ebay went for $400/£250. With such coverage, range & F-stop it definitely worth the price.  This along with a wider lens could make quite a nice to lens kit. One thing to keep in mind is that there appear to be 2 version of this lens, the one shown in the picture above looks quite different from the one that recently sold on ebay, but hopefully the mount and optics are exactly the same.

Thanks to Lee for hid video and comments. Make sure to check out his cmountm43 Facebook group for loads more C-mount related content.


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