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E.Ludwig Meritar 50mm F2.9 REVIEW

E.Ludwig 50mm F2.9

There are a few reasons why people choose vintage lenses over the modern equivalents. One of them is that organic, film-like character that is missing in most modern lenses. The E.Ludwig Meritar 50mm F2.9 is one of such lenses, bursting with character that many of us really love! The only lens I’ve tried so far… Continue Reading

OPTEX / CENTURY 16:9 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Review

Optex/ Century Anamorphic Lens Review

  Welcome to my second Anamorphic Lens Review. In my first review I shared my take on PROSKAR-16, which was the first anamorphic lens/adapter I bought myself, but this time I will be reviewing one of my more recent additions, the OPTEX / CENTRURY 16:9 1.33x Focus Through Anamorphic Lens/Adapter, which I think as a… Continue Reading