Win 3 Tamron Lenses: 28mm + 135mm + Zoom Of Your Choice

I’ve promised you guys a  Christmas giveaway with something special for you guys and here it is: 3 Lenses – 1 Winner.

This time I’m giving away set of 3 TAMRON ADAPTALL lenses which I absolutely love myself. These include 2 solid, fast primes, the 28mm f/2.5 and 135mm f/2.5.

With a third lens the winner will have a choice between 3 TAMRON ADAPTALL zooms. I bought 3 different zooms just for this giveaway to suit different needs:

1st  lens is 35-70mm f/3.5 which is still relatively fast and will cover the mid range focal lengths between the 28mm and 135mm.

2nd lens is 35-135mm f/3.5-4.2, this lens is a bit slower at the longer end but it covers you right up to your 135mm  at which point you could switch to the 135mm f/2.5 prime if you need faster lens or more shallow depth of field

3rd lens is 80-200mm f/3.8-4.0 which is something completely different and will be a nice choice for someone who is already well covered in mid range with their existing lenses and needs a longer zoom right up to 210mm.

So, I think this additional choice of a 3rd lens will compliment the 2 primes very nicely and will create a very nice kit for one of you!

All the Tamron Adaptall lenses are very well, solid build, capable of producing really sharp images and dreamy flares when playing with the sun.  I’ve used both the 28mm and 135mm on a few of my shoots and I absolutely loved the images the produced. I think these 2 primes are some of the best value for money primes that one could get.

Unlike the lens from my previous giveaway, these lenses didn’t have any fancy servicing and cleaning, so the condition varies from lens to lens. Some lens will come with caps; some won’t, (caps of such sizes cost almost nothing on ebay).  The 28mm is actually in very good condition, the 135mm unfortunately have a visible dust spec and a tiny patch of fungus inside, but thankfully they are not at the back of the lens, so do not affect the image quality in any way.

UPDATE: I’ve now received all 3 zooms I bought for the giveaway. The 35-70mm zoom is in great condition, really happy with that one, the 80-200mm is the same, very usable lens, but unfortunately the 35-135mm turned up in unusable condition, with some old inside the optics and a stiff zoom barrel. I’m currently looking into buying a replacement for this one, but just holding off to see which lens the winner will prefer before committing to spending more money.

I wish that all the lenses I giveaway were like new, but I’m giving away what I can and it is still costing me quite a bit, so I hope the winner will still be very happy with the prize.

To adapt these lenses to your camera all you’ll need to do is buy the Adaptall to “Your Camera” adaptor from ebay.

Rules, Terms & Condition for the Giveaway:

To manage the whole giveaway I’m using a I’m a to help me track all the entries and make things clearer.

Entering is very simple as before, all you need to do is complete 1 of 8 steps below.  To qualify for 1 entree you only need to complete 1 point, but completing all more will more pointes, hence give you higher chance of winner. Please note, that the winner will NOT be chosen by the amount of point. The extra points will just give extra entries: 1 point = 1 entree, 2 points = 2 entries, 3 points + 3 entries, etc.

To earn yourself extra entries you can also tweet the message shown in the widget below once every day, just make sure that you do it through rafflecopter widget below. Any entries made in any other way will not be entered into competition, only the ones processed through rafflecopter.

The giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere. I will post it anywhere in the world for free, so don’t let you location stop you from entering; previous winners included people from US, Canada, Italy, Algeria and other countries! I will try to post the lens by a recorded postal service which will require a signature on delivery (depending on location of the winner), but in an unfortunate event of the lens going missing in transit, I will not be held responsible and no alternative prize will be offered.  Fortunately this has never happened and hopefully will not.

Good luck to everyone entering. You only have until December  24th to get your entrees in and I will announce the winner on December 25th or 26th so this year one of you will get a nice Christmas present from me :)


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As you may know, I don’t currently have any sponsors and all of my giveaways except just one were funded myself. I giveaway what I can and as often as I can, but big giveaways like this are very costly especially when you add the postage, which  can cost quite a bit. If you like my giveaways and would like to help me fund my future giveaway, please consider donating anything that could go towards new prizes. Even if a few people would donate $1 each in time it would help me buy a new lens for a giveaway.

If you can’t spare anything, you can still help: spread the word about by blogging, tweeting about it, sharing it on any other social networks of just telling your friends about it. All your help is greatly appreciated!

5 Responses to Win 3 Tamron Lenses: 28mm + 135mm + Zoom Of Your Choice

  1. Yay! Thanks for this amazing Giveaway! It would be an awesome Christmas present :)

  2. Marc says:

    great prizes!

  3. Ronnie says:

    I found you on youtube cause i was looking for some videos introducing the helios 44-2 58 f2 which i love the most.It was all destiny that i met you.first i like your videos and the passion you have.I am a Chinese student who studying in UK and really fancy shooting with i got a 550D with me and couple of old lens.i would love to have a 28 and 135 cause i never had lens in those two would be perfect if i can have them~~

  4. Dustin K says:

    Awesome giveaway! As a low budget filmmaker i’m always looking for ways to get more gear in my bag. For almost a year i’ve only got to use the nifty fifty which is great, but it would be great to have some lenses that can cover more/less than 50mm in vocal range.

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