Tamron 24-48mm f/3.5-3.8 Lens Test


It’s time for yet another test footage from yet another really cool vintage lenses. This time it’s a Tamron 24-48mm f/3.5-3.8 Wide Zoom lens. I shot all the test footage on a Canon 5D MKII as I think this lens makes the most sense when used on a full frame camera. At 24mm full frame equivalent it’s about as wide as you need for most video needs, while at 48mm it makes a nice “mid shot”, portrait lens. While it’s not the fastest lens at f/3.5 at the wider end and still faster than my “go to” lens for my Canon, the 24-105mm f/4 L. I’ve actually compared 2 lenses (video coming soon) and the Tamron stacks up against the popular (and much more expensive) Canon really well. While doesn’t offer as much range as the 24-105 is a great wide to mid range lens.

The build quality is quite amazing on these vintage Tamron lenses. In fact it’s much better than on majority of modern Tamron lenses (I guess back then they took a bit more care and metal contraction was the only acceptable standard, not plastic unlike now). This lens is rock solid and even quite heavy (fully metal construction and a lot of glass inside). Focusing barrel is very smooth (modern Canon L lenses are no where near as good for manual focusing as this little Tamron). You also have hard stops at each focusing range end (unlike modern Canon glass) and a manual aperture adjustment which allows you to adapt this lens to just about any camera. Tamron’s Adaptall 2 mount is very easy adaptable to all the modern DSRLs using a cheap adapter that can be found on Amazon or eBay.

Coming back to image quality, I really impressed with the sharpens, contrast and colors this lens produces. It flares beautifully when pointed towards the sun, but thanks to it’s multicasting the flaring is not overwhelming, which is what you want for most shooting situations.

I can surely recommend this lens to anyone looking to buy a wide zoon for their full frame DSLR. It will of course work no a crop sensor camera, but will you loose the what I think is the best thing about the lens, a lovely 24mm focal length. On a plus side obviously 48mm will get you further, but for me the wide end if the lens is the best thing about it.

What might be the best thing about the lens test for you guys is that very soon you’ll have a chance to WIN this cool little lens thanks to TheLensDoctor. A giveaway announcement is days away, so stay tuned.

Tamron 24-48mm f/3.5-3.8 Lens

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