WIN 1 of 5 CARL ZEISS 50mm Lenses

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do something special for Christmas, so instead of giving away 1, I’m giving away 5 lenses. I even had to buy 3 of these in last couple of weeks to build up this nice number :)

The lenses I’m giving away are Carl Zeiss 50mm F2.8 primes. While they are not the fastest lenses out there, then are actually pretty sharp wide open unlike many modern and vintage lenses, so they are perfectly usable even for low light situations. I’ve tested one of these lenses and I was really impressed with the performance, in fact it’s currently one of my favorite low budget lenses. If you haven’t seen the test video I’ve shot with this 50mm lens, make sure to check out this blog post.

As you can see in the screen shots above 4 of the lenses have the black finish & one of them is a zebra version. All lenses have both lens caps & optics are pretty clean on all of them. Some have slightly stiffer focus rings than others, which is common for these lenses.  Overall condition varies, but all lenses are perfectly usable!

The M42 mount means that these lenses can be used with just about any camera when coupled with a correct adapter.

This giveaway is quite costly to me, but as long as the winners will truly enjoy the their new lenses, I will be happy to send my money, so hope that these lenses will be great Christmas presents for the lucky winners! :)

Rules, Terms & Condition for the Giveaway:

To manage the whole giveaway I’m using a to help me track all the entries and make things clearer.

Entering is very simple, all you need to do is complete 1 of 10 steps below. To qualify for 1 entry you only need to complete 1 step, but completing more steps will give you more entries, hence give you higher chance of winning. Please note, that the winner will NOT be chosen by the amount of entries. The extra completed steps will simply give you higher chance of being picked. You can get up to 10 entries + you can earn yourself extra entries with a daily tweet, just make sure that you do it through rafflecopter widget below. Any entries made in any other way will not be entered into competition, only the ones processed through rafflecopter.

The giveaway is open to everyone. I will ship anywhere in the world for free, so don’t let your location stop you from entering; previous winners included people from US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Algeria and other countries! I will try to post the lenses by a recorded postal service, which will require a signature on delivery (depending on location of the winner), but in an unfortunate event of the lens going missing in transit, I will not be held responsible and no alternative prize will be offered. Fortunately this has never happened and hopefully will not.

Important: The Winners must contact me via my website/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Vimeo/Email within 2 weeks of the Winner Announcement Video. If I’m not contacted within 2 weeks, I will have to pick new winner/s. The reason for doing this is due to some people entering  just for the sake of it, not really caring about the prize and who might not even use it once if they win. I spend my own money to fund these giveaways (postage sometimes costs as much as the lens itself) and I want the lenses I give away to end up with someone who will actually use them and hopefully benefit from having them as part of their kit.

Good luck to everyone entering.
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As you may know, I don’t have any sponsors and I fund all my giveaways myself. I giveaway what I can and as often as I can, but big giveaways like this are very costly especially because I volunteered to send these lenses anywhere in the world, which will cost quite a bit. I’ve joined the ebay affiliate program to help me run this website, fund my tests & lens giveaways like this, so if you find this content useful and would like to help me produce more similar content, please use the links in this post if you’re planning to buy one of these lenses or use this link if you want to buy anything else on eBay. You will not be spending a penny more using these links, while still helping me thanks to a small percentage from any purchase or successful bid making its way down to me.

Alternatively you are welcome to donate something below if you feel very generous. If you can’t spare anything, you can still help: spread the word about by blogging, tweeting about it or sharing it on other social networks. All your help is greatly appreciated & will make this website even a better place!


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  1. Xavier Guillen says:

    You’re awesome man… I really enjoy all of your work!
    Your giveaways are a big help for a lot of people like me!

  2. eladbari says:

    What a contest, wow! Keep up the great work! Hope more & more people are seeing this and finding out about you, Alan! :]

  3. michelangelo says:

    i’ve tried to make a little donation but the Donate button is not working.

    • vintagelenses says:

      Thank you for that. Yes, it looks like it doesn’t work. Feel free to use the one on the right side under the recent comments section.

  4. Darryl Booth says:

    come one baby. daddy needs some vintage glass!!

  5. Igor Link says:

    i have won :) pls write me back on facebook

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