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Cheapest CARL ZEISS Lens | 50mm F/2.8 | Full Review

Cheapest CARL ZEISS Lens

Everyone loves Carl Zeiss lenses, but not everyone can afford them, at least not widely known ZE/ZF or Contax series.  Less known vintage Zeiss lenses are actually quite affordable and one particular Carl Zeiss can be bought for as little as $50/£25. This is the lens I want to talk about in this post: The… Continue Reading

4 Low Budget Lenses for Amazing Lens Flare

The 4 Best Lenses for Amazing Lens Flare

There are many reasons why I love vintage lenses. Their character is much more obvious than on most modern lenses with lens flare being one of the most distinctive characteristics of such lenses. In fact, one of the main reasons why Helios 44-2 is one of my favorite lenses is because the flares this lens… Continue Reading